Hi! We’re a pair of tv nerds who can’t get enough Homeland! When it became obvious that we would be having marathon phone calls while picking our jaws up off the floor after each episode, we thought a podcast would be a fun way to have that conversation and invite others to join in!

Homeland (in)Security starts with the Pilot– Season 1 Episode 1. We’ll be publishing episodes every week or so until we cover them all. Then, we’ll move into real-time after-show releases with Season 3. WE’RE EXCITED!

We intend each episode of Homeland (in)Security to contain a mix of thoughtful analysis and silliness. We’re podcasting amateurs living on opposite ends of the U.S. trying to make the most of slivers of the rare hour that we are both awake and (semi-) coherent during the week…. so cut us some slack if we’re a little messy and keep the feedback coming!