Homeland Insecurity Podcast- S4 E12 "Long Time Coming"

Homeland Insecurity Podcast- S4 E12 “Long Time Coming”

Aaaaand that’s all for Season 4 folks! Join us as we discuss an interesting, non-conventional end to an excellent season of Homeland! We examine how each plot point wrapped up (ranging from Quinn’s sweet loving to Dar Adal’s shady ways), which areas we would rather not visit in future seasons (sorry Carrie’s mom!) and which areas we predict will travel with us to Season 5 (Handsome Khan for the win!). Thank you all so much for joining us on this fantastic ride, and we look forward to seeing you during the off-season as we recap True Detective (and possibly another show along the way!).

Homeland (in)Security is an unofficial podcast focusing the excellent Showtime drama ‘Homeland’. Starting back at season 1 episode 1, we will devote a show to each episode and discuss important plot points, character development, theories, and any relevant news related to the show. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and hope to make this a show that is fun and engaging, so we welcome all feedback and comments as we figure out what the heck we are doing! Please contact us at homelandpodcast@gmail with any listener feedback. Also, please rate and subscribe!